For15 years I have been Music Director and Conductor of the Hendricks Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, and now the time has come when I need to close the chapter in my career and devote my energies to making music.  As such, I am available for conducting engagements as my schedule permits.

I've put together this web site to assist you in becoming better familiar with my work and to share some interesting experiences I've had in my forty plus years of conducting.

The links on this site will take you to reviews, photographs and a narrative that will explain why music is my passion and life's work.

The Hendricks Symphony Orchestra and the Hendricks Symphonic Choir gave five subscription concerts, youth concerts, a chamber concert, and an outdoor performance each season. Below is a links from a Hendricks Symphony concert that will give you an example of my work.
Beethoven's 3rd Symphony

I look forward to talking more with you.