Reviews & Commendations

Published reviews

"Del Vecchio is given to an especially energetic style with a clear two-handed beat and cues by the pointed finger system. His interpretation seemed authoritative and his slender figure on the podium, replete with generous gestures, was reminiscent of Maxim Shostakovich who led the Moscow State Symphony at the IU Auditorium last week. The total performance was, however, very Mozart and very effective."
--Bloomington Herald Telephone
"A rare treat. Del Vecchio drew remarkable disciplined response from the musicians, his own body language demonstrating a depth of feeling for the music."
--Kokomo (IN) Tribune
"Owensboro's youthful musicians are unusually fortunate to have as their musical leader a professional with the high standards and versatile expertise Del Vecchio possesses."
--Russel C. Jones, President of the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra board of directors.
"Cues have never been so precise nor phrasing so sensitive."
--Kokomo (IN) Tribune
"He was more than a conductor--he also was a dancer, an actor, an energizer."
--The Indianapolis News

Professional Commendations

"During the past several years Mr. Del Vecchio's three positions at Taylor University, the Kokomo Symphony and the Marion Symphony have given him outstanding experience as a musical administrator and artist. He has a pleasing personality and gets along well both with his colleagues and with lay persons in charge of various aspects of the promotion and management of professional music groups."
--Charles H. Webb, Dean, Indiana University School of Music
"In addition to his fine artistic qualities, Mr. Del Vecchio must be highly recommended for his personal qualities as well. He is not only hard working and dedicated, spirited and of an incredible energy and endurance, he is also very patient and reasonable, treats people well and is the most loyal person I have ever had the good fortune to meet."
--Wolfgang Vacano, Indiana University School of Music
"There is no question the quality of the performances and the sustained growth of the Orchestra, particularly here in Marion, reflects credit on Mr. Del Vecchio's personal ability as an organizer and as a musician. Mr. Del Vecchio [is] a competent musician and as a musical educator who has demonstrated an ability to get the most from available talent and at the same time serves as a stimulus to those aspiring to greater accomplishments."
--Joseph B Davis, M.D., F.A.C.S., Board of Trustees, Marion Philharmonic Orchestra
"Through his gentle manner he has a persuasive power to draw from instrumentalists what seems at times impossible. He is able to determine intonation, wrong notes and interpretations. His ability to describe to the instrumentalist what he wishes is clear and never confusing. Mr. Del Vecchio shows a responsibility in that he begins rehearsals on time and never misses a rehearsal."
--Mrs. David M. Davisson, President, Board of Directors, Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis
"He is a gifted teacher and conductor who brings the highest levels of professionalism to all of his endeavors."
--Stuart Green, Chairman, Liberal Studies Division, Indiana University at Kokomo
"Mr. Del Vecchio is a highly competent and professional choral music director with a strong background in classical choral sacred music. He is very conscientious and extremely devoted to his work. He frequently 'walked the extra mile' in giving his time in choir practice to insure the quality of his choirs' performances."
-- Rev. Msgr. Francis R. Tuohy, Christ the King Church, Indianapolis
"The choral work performed by the choir ... under Mr. Del Vecchio's leadership was masterfully executed and provided a great deal of listening pleasure to the congregation."
--Rev. William F. Stumpf, PhD, Saint Luke Institute